calum hood: a summary (insp)

(ashton) (luke)

feldy67:My boys and my girl
# 5sos


Aries: bad ass in school would have the greatest team spirit but so harsh to the idiots

Taurus: the one that would try to be friends with everyone then write in then talk shit about them over social media

Gemini: would hang out with the smart kids to get homework cheats




Airs - dumb af

Tarus - wants to kick a puppy

Gemeni - doesn’t like eating ass

Cancer - mega bitch

Leo - will go to hell

Virgin - …slut tbh, god be like: whore

Liberal - likes george bush 

Scorpion - super fucked up

Saggitarius - ??? who they…no one cares bout them tbh

Capricon - brony

Aquariums - party pooper

Pieces - hella problematic 


But you left it too late now my heart feels nothing, nothing at all